Monday, February 8, 2010

Smart Hosts Exchange 2007 SP1

So I was getting a strange error while trying to setup exchange to use a smart host. The Steps I had taken were to go into the the Send Connector that was already setup for email going out. I then Clicked on the Radio Button "Route mail through the following smart hosts:" I then added my mail server. Then I clicked on the change button beside "Smart host Authentication:" and put in the credentials. After clicking ok I got this error. "The DomainSecureEnabled parameter can't be set to $True unless the DNSRoutingEnabled parameter is also set $True."
Wierd, since I am new to Exchange 2007 I haven't gotten use to the shell so I was kinda lost on what it was saying. After Looking around the net no luck. I hit "OK" on the error and Canceled out of the Authentication dialog. After looking at the previous dialog I noticed the following Check mark for the setting opposite of using a smart host.

There is the option "Enable Domain Security (Mutual Auth TLS)." So I clicked the radio button back on "Use Domain system" and unchecked it" and then swapped back to "Route mail through the following smart hosts:" Went and put in the Authentication information again and it took it this time.

Personally the settting "Enable Domain Security" since it is a subsetting of Use domain Security it should have no effect on using a smart host. If so the Setting should be set to the bottom of both. Since if you choose route mail through smart host it gray's out that setting. Wierd. This might be fixed in Exchange 2007 SP2 but I don't know. Anyways hope it helps someone else out too.

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