About Me

I currently work in the Cyber Security field. I have worked in the IT industry for over 10 years ranging from a PC Specialist, IT Director, to the position I hold now. Computers have been a passion though much, much longer. I have worked for organizations of varying sizes from Small Businesses, Large School Districts, Government, and enterprises. I also have tested many different technologies, both commercial and open source.

I believe that sharing information can make life better for all, where this sharing does not break company policies. This is the intent of this site. Even though some of the information I share can be found elsewhere, this is sometimes only found on a post, on the 23rd page, of a huge forum. I hope to be able to present the information in a way that is easy to understand and can be used to help others. No reason for someone to make the same mistakes or waste the time I have either.

I will not have a regular schedule for posting. You will know when my life is hectic and busy when I don't post something new or I may not have something I would deem worthy to post. I don't want to post just to post.

If you have questions about various products or topics that you have seen me cover in the past I can try and cover it some more. So comment on a post and I will try and do just that.

Have a great Day!