Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kodak EasyShare C613 Lens Error

So my favorite niece got a Kodak EasyShare C613 for Christmas I believe about a year and a 1/2 ago. Well It had gotten stuck halfway out and when turned on would give a "Lens Error" and then some numbers not sure what they were since it's working now. The process to get it fixed was a piece of cake.

Just take out the 7 screws on the sides and bottom of the camera. I used a #0 Phillips to take them out. The front is not connected by any wires so you will take it off. First though take out the batteries, SD card and pop open the battery compartment.

Start pulling the front from the body of the camera on the bottom. The tops and halfway up the sides is a little more tight. I used a 1.4mm regular screw driver to slide into the gap and turned it to widen the gap. Doing this slowly all around got the front off.

Wipe off the sides of the telescopic lens. Pop the batteries back in and close the compartment. Turn it on. To do this you need to press the on/off button which may be hard to see. Pull the black plastic back some to see it. I used the phillips to turn it on.

For me it turned on and finished it's extension. Tested it by turning it off and on a couple of time. Good to go. It sounded a little mechanical so I blew it out which fixed it a little. But it worked and thats what mattered. Then time to put it back together. Pull out the batteries and leave the door open. Slide the front back on starting at the top and pressing it together. When done put the 7 screws back, followed by the SD card and batteries. You are good to go.

If the above didn't fix it for you yours may have been damaged further then hers. Hope this helps someone

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