Saturday, September 29, 2012

New Job = New Angle

So I transitioned jobs in June. Actually June 11th was my new start date. Due to this then I don't have access to the old equipment that I found fixes for in reference to my posts(ie Windows Server EBS 2008 and Avaya IP Office). I mention this because if someone asks me about that stuff I can't really help out there, except from memory. This is part of why there has been a drop in the number of posts I put here. Also this comes from the fact that I have less time with the new job and doing school.

With that in mind than I will try and post information that I find useful at home. Now my new job will also allow me to share helpful information on different products, but I will have to be a tad more vague due to the sensitivity of my new job. I also may post information that describes best security or network practices.

I hope to begin posting useful stuff again soon.

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