Monday, April 9, 2012

Java 1719 Uninstall Error

The Problem
So I had a computer I was cleaning up for use by another and was uninstalling unneeded software. There was an older version of Java, Version 6 Update 7, that wouldn't uninstall. It would error out with the following error. I looked around and everyone recommended various fixes by starting up and stopping services, or checking the registry.

The Solution
After looking at a couple than I tried my own fix. I went to filehippo, one of my favorite places for downloading files for multiple reasons, and downloaded the same version 6u7. I ran it and it asked me "This software has already been installed on your computer. Would you like to reinstall it?"

Go ahead and click "Yes." Eventually it will come up with the normal Welcome setup box that we are all used to. Walk through the setup like normal. When it is done hit "Finish."

Now, try uninstalling it again. It should let you uninstall it now.

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