Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fixing HL2070N Toner Life End Error

The Problem
The error on the web interface of printer
We had someone who was having a problem with a printer. It refused to print. I was called in and upon looking at the printer on the computer it showed it was initializing. I tried a test print and nothing happened.

Upon viewing the web interface for the printer interface I noticed that the toner light I saw let wasn't was because it was low on toner but because the device thought it was done or out.

At this point I asked the person about the toner and they said that they had recently replaced it. OK well that wasn't the solution. I jumped online and across a couple of forms I found my solution.

The Solution
The printer uses a digital Eye to see the level ov toner in the device. If you pull out the toner than on either side where the grey(on mine) is  a circle that associates with a window through which the printer can see.

Either due to this one cartridge being faulty or myabe the printer, the printer didn't like what it was seeing or maybe could see through which would indicate no toner. No toner wsn't the case due to great print jobs, new cartridge, and gentle rocking to ensure proper toner distribution . I guess we'll see with new cartridges in the future.

Sticky note blocking toner window 
To overcome this I took one of those small 1"x2" sticky notes and tore out a section and dropped it in front of the clear window on the right side(As shown in the picture to the left).

Putting the cartrdige back in the web interface no longer displayed such an error. I was also then to continue printing. This error has not returned either after a short period.

The hope is that this was just one cartrdige causing the problem but it could mean something failing with that digital eye system. Hope this saves others of you out there money not needed to replace a cartridge or printer.

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