Friday, January 14, 2011

This computer has not been contacted yet

So I have SCE 2007 which was part of the EBS 2008 Product. I wanted to deploy some software to them and realized that in SCE the computers I wanted to deploy the software to, where showing up with the following error: "This computer has not been contacted yet." These computers were recently installed so I started to dig.

One of the big things for the communication with the SCE server to work is GPOs. So I looked at the GPOs applied to this computer by running the gpresult /r on the computer(NOTE to see the computer GPOs you will need to be running the command prompt or app as administrator). Below is the result:

From dealing with SCE problems before I knew their was an additional GPO that needed to be applied. Called "SCE Managed Computers" and it wasn't being applied. After looking at the GPO I realized that it required the computer to be a member of the "SCE Managed Computers" group. After looking at the group membership for the computer I did see it was not a member. I added it to the group.

At this point you could wait a while and eventually you would see if the problem was resolved. I wanted immediate results.
  1. Run "GPUPDATE /force" as administrator from a command prompt.
  2. Restart the computer
  3. Run "wuauclt /detectnow" from a command prompt as administrator
Now you need to wait about 5 minutes and then refresh the display of SCE under computers. In my case and hopefully yours it was resolved and the error went away and it had all the beautiful details I was wanting it to have.

Another thing to check if you have the same error is to make sure the computer is getting a GPO that is pointing it to the WSUS on your SCE Server. If it is not than that is another problem to resolve.

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