Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Cheap Panic Button for the Avaya IP office System

To create a Panic button in Avaya IP Office

In moving to a new phone system and a new building I was tasked with finding a solution to the panic button that may be cheaper. Well previous it required us having to setup buttons in all locations as well as having to pay a alarm company to monitor the system. It involved another phone line.

So we ended up choosing the IP Office solution. After chatting with my Avaya partner he said it could be done, but the phone would be on the hook the whole time. Not very discreet for a panic button so I worked at it.

What you need to do is open up your Voicemail Pro Manager. Create a new module, I called it Panic, but that is up to you. It will start you with a “Start Point.” You will be adding a Post Dial action so under Misc. you need to select “Post Dial” and click somewhere on the white space below.

Now double-click on the box to open it up. Change the” Token Name” to something you would remember. Now you are going to need to record a message for the system to use. So go to “Entry Prompts” amd click the + button. Set it to use your “Telephony Handset” extension. Put a name for the file, I called mine Panic. Hit the record button. Go through the process of recording the file until you like it. After you are done make sure you record the full path and file name for that recording. Press the “Close” button and click the “X” button to delete that prompt.

Go Under “Specific” and click “Post wave file” and check “Play out a looped wave file.” In the first box type or paste the full path to the wav file you recorded earlier. In the next box put in the number you want it to call remember to add a 9. (I recommend testing this on a number other than 991 or emergency dispatch first, since while testing you don’t want to bug them to death and send out the cops.) If you want it to page a page group than type “PAGE:” and then the number of the page group.

Press “OK” and then draw a “connector” line between “Start Point” and the Post Dial action you just created. Now at this point you could also add other number for it to dial. You would just create another post dial action and follow the steps above and add a connector line to it from the previous post dial action. When done press the “Save & Make Live” button. Close out “Voicemail Pro Client.”

Open “IP Office Manager” and go to Short Code. And a New Short Code and put in whatever code you want, I used *85. Change the feature to “Voicemail Collect”. Under telephone type in the name of the module that you created in “Voice Pro Client”, in my case it was “Panic” and this time put quotes around the name. (The quotes may not be necessary.) Leave the Line Group Id as 0. Merge the changes

Now you could dial the short code on your phone to test. It would work great. Problem is when in panic. You don’t want to be pressing a combination of 3-5 buttons. Also you will notice it will say on the phone you dialed it “Forwarded”

So to eliminate the first problem. Open “IP Office Manager” and go to the User or User Rights depending on who you want it applied to. Go under “Button Programming” and create a button that will be on the first page of the phones. I changed my Label to “PANIC” and leave the action as “Dial.” Under Action Data put in the short code you programmed earlier, ie #85. Press OK and Merge the settings into the Phone Switch.

Now you have a button to press. Problem is still it says “Forwarded” which you don’t a phone saying if the reason you are pressing the button is nearby. On the VoicePro Server browse to: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Avaya\IP Office\Voicemail Pro\VM\WAVS\enu\”. The last Folder may be different depending on the language of the system. Go down till you find the file called “ssb_10.wav” and rename it to “ssb_10-disabled”. Now you are good to go the phone doesn’t say anything either now.

So after all those steps you are able to drop those panic buttons. Now this may not work if you phone is out in the open easy to see by everyone. But most likely you will be able to press 1 button on your phone very inconspicuously if you need to.

DISCLAIMER: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, if you use my directions I am not held accountable for any problems that may arise.


  1. Todd, thanks for sharing this. It works great! I do have one question, though: Once you've pressed the panic button, is there any way to cancel it or override the paging announcement?
    I've set up an "Intruder Alert" .wav file that runs for about five minutes, and my panic button pages our building PA system instead of calling an outside line.

    Matt from Tennessee

  2. Thanks Todd this works great. I had to reboot my voice mail server before it worked though. It pulled the voice mail from my phone instead of the panic wav.

  3. Matt, When I was working this system, I moved to another job so I can't test it anymore, I believe just picking up one of the phones caused it to stop. So you could tie a phone to it as well to allow you to stop it. Otherwise unplugging the PA system is the only way I can think of how to stop it.

  4. The problem I have with this is that when you program a button on the phone, you still hear the dial tones for *85 come through the speaker. Is there a way to shut that off? I've looked in manuals but can't find it. I can't have the phone make any sort of noise when the panic button is it.

  5. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.


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