Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dell 2135cn Communication Error 033-762

We purchased a Dell 2135cn for one of our departments and after setting up the unit was getting great feedback. Well after about a week I get a call stating they are not getting any incoming faxes. The previous fax machine worked fine. After talking with the people I realized it had never received any faxes. Hmmmm.

After speaking to Dell they had me check one or two things but after those checked out they sent us out a new one. They were very quick about this and the new unit even included new Toner. Got it set it up using the same seetings as the existing unit it's receiving faxes like a charm. I would love to know what on the other unit was the problem but will be fine with the new one just working. The Department that uses it loves it.

Overall it is a great MFP. My only complaint is that it does not have a Duplex Option.

Update - 7/21/2010 - If you have the "Junk fax" Option I would try disabling this. It may fix your problem.


  1. What all did they have you check? I found this error in a Xerox service bulletin and after turning off the Junk Fax Filter in setup the error went away and we able to receive faxes.

  2. Actually they didn't check much. They started out by having me test the line. We hadn't changed anything other than setting up the Fax number so it was kinda weird for it to have a problem. The people at the site may have played with some settings. I believe the Dell does have a junk setting, is that what you had? If so that would have been alot easier to change. Guess we'll try that if it pops up again.

  3. It's been 6 months since we got our DELL 2155 CDN. And, all this time, we couldn't receive faxes.

    My settings don't look like they do in the manual - I have to select TIME vs # of RINGS. Increased it to 255 for all 3 settings. Nope.

    Tried FAX ONLY. Nope.

    Reading this, and on gut feeling, I turned OFF the Junk Filter. Guess what? It works.

    Thank you!!!!

  4. I got a new Dell 2155cdn, setup as a network copy/scan/fax machine. All was great except we weren't receiving faxes- kept coming up with error 300-xxx. After reading the comments on here I immediately set the Junk Filter to 'Off'. This did the trick. Thanks!

  5. Dell 2155cdn. Worked great faxing for a couple of months then stopped. After a day of frustration I found this gem. Problem solved. Junk Filter is junk. Thanks so much for taking time to post!

  6. Same here. I work in a busy office and the coaches were getting complaints of not getting in their faxes. It had been working for months prior with no problems. I turned off Junk Filter and it worked! Google search for the win!

  7. I have a Xerox Workcentre 6505 that I found out has not received any faxes since it was installed. I turned off the junk filter and tested it. Works fine.


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